When do I vaccinate my cat?

24 May, 2022
Vaccinating kittens is something only your vet can do and requires a few visits over the first year, followed by ongoing boosters for the lifetime of your pet. In New Zealand there are several preventable, infectious diseases which have the ability to make your kitten or adult cat very sick or even kill.  Prevention is possible with regular vaccinations.  Read more

Autumn dangers for our pets.

07 Mar, 2021
With the arrival of Autumn your pet will be welcoming a break from summer’s hot temperatures, however you need to be aware the new season brings with it hidden dangers. Read more


15 Jul, 2020

The area of your dog’s nail that you want to avoid is the  KWIK. This is the blood supply in your dog’s nail and if you cut the nail too short, you can cut this, which will cause pain for your dog.

Read more


20 Mar, 2020
Currently there is limited evidence that companion animals can be infected with, or spread this virus. We also do not know if they could get sick from coronavirus.  Read more

Heatstroke: What to look for

31 Jan, 2020
Warm summer days have finally arrived. Please read the list of DO's and DON'TS to avoid heatstroke. Read more

All you need to know about pet vaccination, flea and worming

07 Jan, 2020
Vaccinating puppies and kittens is something only your vet can do and requires a few visits over the first year, followed by ongoing boosters for the lifetime of your pet. Flea and worm treatments are also ongoing for the lifetime of the pet, they do not require a veterinary consult, these treatments can be purchased over the counter or online and do not require a prescription. Read more


01 Dec, 2019
The festive season is a great time of year and is fun for the family, pets included. During this time we introduce lots of items into our homes that we don’t normally have. Some of these things can be potentially harmful to our pets. The following information is valuable and interesting although each toxicity case is different - it goes without saying; if in doubt call your vet for help and advice. Read more

Dogs, cats, noise phobias and fireworks

21 Oct, 2019
Fireworks season can be difficult for pets with a sound sensitivity; their anxiety levels rise in anticipation of fireworks as they can associate changes in seasons with an event. As pets will start to become increasingly anxious about fireworks, you need to start thinking and planning for this annual event in advance. Read more
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