What to expect from your senior dog!

Dogs are an important part of our lives, senior dogs are special in many ways and thanks to owner awareness of quality diets, healthcare and dog safety, they are living longer. Check out the 10 things below that you can expect from your senior dog.


 This is a sign that the body is getting older, and doing things like sitting, lying down, jumping etc are getting difficult. Same goes for repetitiveness.



This can be a sign of many things such as slowing metabolism or thyroid issues. It could be as simple as switching diets - but check with your vet first to rule out any medical issues.


Most dogs develop some cloudiness as they age (nuclear sclerosis). Cloudy eyes can also be a sign of cataracts so it is best to get this checked out by your vet.


This sign of ageing may be the first you encounter. It's definitely a 'don't wait'' vet visit. The longer the teeth are allowed to decay, the more detrimental to their health.


If you think your ageing dog is just becoming “old and stubborn” think again – this could very well be a sign your dog is losing it's hearing or sight.


If your dog starts having accidents inside, you may need to increase the number of potty breaks , but get your vet to rule out any medical conditions first, such as urinary tract infections or kidney related problems.



Does your dog have trouble getting up after lying or sitting for a long time? They may also have issues staying on their feet or reluctant to jump or walk up or down stairs. This can be a sign of joint pain.


Slowing down can be a sign of early arthritis, thyroid issues, heart etc. It is best you get your dog checked by a vet to rule out anything serious.


Dry coat, itching, flaking, hair loss etc – these are all indications that something is going on and we recommend you seek veterinary advice.


Regular checks of lumps are vital - in case they are cancerous.


If you are concerned about your dog showing some of these signs, call your vet for advice, together you can plan to ensure a healthy and comfortable future for your mate!


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