A microchip is limited unless it has been registered with your details on the NZ Companion Animal Register.


Not all vets automatically register microchip details, in most cases it is the OWNERS RESPONSIBILITY to do this.
Microchipping is compulsory by law for all dogs registered in New Zealand after July 2006.  It is not compulsory for cats, however it is recommended due to their wandering nature.
Far too frequently do we come across chipped pets, but the chip is not registered, thus we have no contact details to retrieve.  A microchip gives us only the chip number - nothing else - we then refer to the NZ Companion Animal Registery and match the chip number with owners details.
All the places where lost pets usually end up, the SPCA, pound, Cat Protection League, animal shelter or vet centres are equipped with scanners to detect microchips. Like us, once scanned they then refer to the NZ Companion Animal Register and/or council registered animal records, which allow owners to be found. 

NOTE: Just because your dog is “registered” with your local council, does NOT mean their microchip is registered with the Companion Animal registry.
Remember to update your details when you move or change phone numbers. It is very disheartening when injured animals are bought into the vet who need their owners love and attention, and owners cannot be found in time :(
Please, FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR PETS - Next time you’re at the vet, ask them to check the chip and confirm your details are registered and current!

Layla the Labrador puppy gets microchipped - watch on youtube