Far too frequently vets come across microchipped pets, but the chip is not registered with New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR), thus reunion is difficult. It is very disheartening when injured pets are presented at vets who need their owners immediate love and attention, and owners cannot be found in time.

If your dog is wearing their council registration tags, then making contact with the local council can help with reunion. However cats do not have council tags, these are the loved little pets, that due to their wandering nature, are most likely to slip through the cracks.

Please note the following is FACT! (Save this, educate your friends and family, and refer to it every time the topic comes up on your local lost pets facebook page):

  • FACT: A scan of a microchip gives only a number – nothing else. All the places where lost pets usually end up, the SPCA, pound, shelters, or vets, are equipped with scanners to detect microchips. If your pet’s microchip details have not been registered with NZCAR – there is no way of knowing this is your pet, and making contact with you.
  • FACT: If your pet’s microchip number is registered on NZCAR, with your current  contact details, any registered party who scans your pet for a microchip, can refer to NZCAR, and hopefully contact you via the details you have provided.
  • FACT: Registration with NZCAR is a one time thing – but details need to be kept current, and can be updated at any time, when you move or change phone numbers, or ownership/rehoming takes place.
  • FACT: Annual local Council registration is unrelated to NZCAR. If a dog is wearing their council registration tags, they can find owner contact details via this.
  • FACT: Not all vets automatically register microchips with NZCAR. Most vets have pricing options, for microchipping and NZCAR registration or just microchipping without NZCAR registration. There is a fee for NZCAR registration, whether you do it yourself, or if your vet does it.

Please, FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR PETS - Next time you’re at the vet, ask them to check the microchip and confirm your details are registered on NZCAR and current!

Layla the Labrador puppy gets microchipped - watch on youtube