Holiday Pet Planning

If you take your furry friend away with you, you’ll need to think of a pet-friendly destination and pack all the necessities. On the other hand you may opt to leave your fluffy family member in the care of someone else. Whatever you decide, you’ll want to ensure that your four-legged friend will be protected. More to the point, will pet insurance cover your pets while you’re away?

TRAVELLING WITH PETS: Does pet insurance extend to cover away from home? Some policies may restrict cover after a certain length of time away from the usual home environment. Another check to make is if you your pet is covered for an incident that happened when your pet was not under direct care.

WHEN TO TRAVEL? If your pet is travelling in summer avoid travelling in the middle of the day, when it is the warmest. Not all cats and dogs are born nomads; some prefer the comfort of home and will get stressed in unfamiliar settings. If you are taking a trip away with a nervous pet, start planning as early as possible. A bit of encouragement and training can put even the most anxious of pets at ease. There are plenty of ways to make this process easier, including acclimatising your pet to its travel carrier and vehicle or as early as possible. Ensure your pet has a few creature comforts, like their favourite blanket and a toy or two. It is essential to keep your pet as comfortable and well hydrated during the journey as possible. Take regular pit stops with your pet if you can for toilet/exercise and hydration.

LEAVING PETS BEHIND: If you’ve decided not to take your pets with you and have them in a boarding facility ensure their vaccinations are up to date and they have had a recent health check. The last thing you want is a health scare while you are trying to enjoy your holiday, so you need to be sure that your pets’ health and fitness is in good condition before you leave.

Although mobile phones and the internet have made it much easier to be contacted whilst you're away there is always the off chance you won’t be in reach in the event of an emergency. It’s a good idea to fill out an Animal Care Emergency Authorisation Form for your pet while you’re away. In the chance that your pet requires emergency medical attention you can be assured that someone you trust will be able to make any important decisions.

There are ways to lessen any potential separation anxiety. You may want to do a short trial run – either at a cattery/ kennel or at a relative or friend’s home – to make sure that your cat or canine is relaxed and comfortable when the time comes for you to say goodbye. Wherever they will be staying make sure they have something familiar with them such as a favourite blanket or toy

Your fur-friends are part of the family so it’s only natural to have their best interests in mind whilst you holiday. Whether you bring them along or leave them at home, making sure they’re happy, comfortable and cared for is a must.

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