barley grass stuck in ear


Barley grass and foxtail awns are abundant during late spring and summer - they stick to fur, and can pass easily through the skin, they are capable of invading your dogs body through the feet, ears, eyes, mouth, or infact, any body surface. 

Because of the orientation of the minute barbs on the bristles, the awns can travel relatively quickly through the body. If they enter the abdomen or chest cavities the effects can be potentially fatal. In the eye, the barbs cause ulcers, and in the ear they may rupture the ear drum.

PREVENTION IS KEY barley grass in paw

Thoroughly examine your pet regularly, check coats, around foot pads and ears, brush and trim these areas frequently.

Pay attention to your pets behaviour: 

  • • watch for shaking of the head
  • • investigate excess licking
  • • check for any abnormal holes and swellings
  • • keep an eye out for secretions or draining tracts.

barley grass hole in paw
IF YOUR SUSPECT your dog has a barley grass we advise you to seek immediate veterinary attention due to the potential complications of leaving barley grass untreated.