My pet is gaining weight, how can I get their health back on track?

That's a really good question and it really depends on why your pet is gaining weight.

It could be because they've started to eat a bit more, they're getting more offered to them, or it could be because they're doing less exercise. It’s a little bit like humans.

Another reason may be that our pets are just getting a little bit older, and as they get older, their metabolism slows down, and they store a little bit more fat.

Older pets might be slowing down because of underlying diseases such as arthritis, which can be painful and mean that they don't want to move around so much.

There are several options available to manage weight and an overweight pet. And some of these are the premium nutrition brands that offer a lower energy, lower carb diet, so that they can eat the same amount of food without putting on the weight, and it will help them lose weight.

View the products recommended by Ben for a pet who has gained or is gaining weight.

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