My pet is experiencing excretion problems. Can this be treated with a diet change, or does it require a vet check up?

if your dog is experiencing loose stools, there is a diet on the market that's very effective at helping with this. The Hill's gastrointestinal Biome Diet has had some really good results.

But, we may not be able to fix this with a change in diet. It could be caused by a bacterial infection, particularly if your dog is not eating. In this case, you need to go and see your vet.

If your pet is experiencing very firm stools, or is a bit constipated, then they have eaten some bones or something containing a lot of fat.

You can try any of the super premium brands that will help your dog's digestive system and create smaller stools of the right consistency. Royal Canin is an example, Hill's and BlackHawk brands are all very good for digestive health in your dog.

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