Trouble & Trix Lightweight + Baking Soda Litter

Scoopable litter with odour control and leightweight convenience

    Lightweight + Baking Soda Scoopable Litter.
    Odour Control and lightweight convenience.

    1. Traps Liquid. Bentonite and cellulose are naturally very highly absorbent, trapping the liquid and it's odour.

    2. Neutralises Acidic Urine. Once the liquid and odour are absorbed, the baking soda acts as an odour neutraliser deodorizing strong ammonia smells.

    3. Clumps together. This biodegradable bentonite and cellulose litter locks in the liquid and then climps together at the top of the litter tray for convenient removal. This clumping litter reduces litter wastage as you are only removing the formed litter clumps.

    Atleast 35% lighter than traditional clumping litter, making it easier to carry and refill the litter tray.

    • 7 Litre - 1 Cat - lasts approx 6 weeks
    • 15 Litre - 1 Cat - lasts approx 14 weeks


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