Shear Magic Double Brush

Steel pins clean coat and soft bristles for head, legs and sensitive areas

Daily grooming and wellness double brush leaves your dog feeling cleaner and happier.

Grooming removes dead and loose hair - leaving dog feeling cleaner and happier, and every hair brushed out ios one less you have to vacuum.

Brushing gently stimulates the hair follicles where hair and natural oils are formed and also helps promote good blood circulation.

  • Steel pins clean coat
  • Soft bristles for head, legs and sensitive areas
  • Less vacuuming hair from your home

    Suitable for all dogs, all breeds, all coats.

    ** Please note: Due to stock control and wholesaler logistics this product may not ship from us the same day you place your order. Our delivery guideline, depending on your address may be up to 7-10 working days.


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