Samylin Tablets - 30 Pack

Liver support supplement for all types of liver problems and damage in cats & dogs.

30 Pack of tablets available for
- large breed dogs over 30kg.
- medium breed dogs 11-30kg
- cats & small breed dogs up to 10kg

Samylin Liver Supplement is a complementary product which increases and provides the antioxidants used by the liver for detoxification. The liver has a key role in many body functions such as metabolism and storage of nutrients, detoxification of potentially harmful substances, digestion of fats and immunoregulation - as such, it is exposed to many potential threats and toxins every day.

Samylin contains the glutathione precursor SAMe, the direct antioxidant and thiol donor Silybin, Vitamin E and Vitamin C for use in cases of hepatic disorders. One tablet per 5kg of bodyweight per day, mixed with food.Samylin comes in either sachets or tablets.

Your vet may advise you which is better for your pet, or you may find your pet prefers one over the other.

Tablets must be given whole and should not be broken.

The granules in sachets can be mixed with food or water.


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