Promax - Small Breed

Nutritional supplement suitable for small breed dogs < 10kg - 9ml

Promax is a triple action nutritional supplement to help restore normal digestive function. Each syringe contains a three day course.

A unique formulation of natural ingredients, each selected to perform a specific role in limiting digestive upset and quickly helping to restore normal intestinal function.

  • made using high purity, premium grade ingredients
  • manufactured in the UK to pharmaceutical standards
  • an easy to use breed specific product tailored to your dog’s weight
  • an advanced syringe design exclusively developed by VetPlus and ensures correct feeding and easy administration
  • a convenient once-a-day programme

Contains - 
Montmorillonite: a special type of clay which binds bacteria, viruses and toxins, thus protecting the intestine from their damaging effects. Montmorillonite has been shown to be twenty times more effective than other commonly used clays such as kaolin.

Probiotic: PROMAX® uses an EU-registered strain of probiotic called Enterococcus faecium E1707 which multiplies rapidly in the intestine, increasing gut acidity and inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. Enterococcus faecium also helps to restore the natural balance of gut bacteria.

Prebiotics & Glutamine: Mannan oligosaccharides are yeast extracts which bind themselves to harmful bacteria and help prevent them from attaching to the gut lining. They also aid digestion and enhance the immune system. Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid. It is the most important nutrient for the cells lining the intestine, and provides these cells with vital energy. This reduces
damage to the gut lining, thus speeding recovery.


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