Frontline Spray

Treat, prevent and control flea, tick and biting lice infestations and flea allergy dermatitis.

For the treatment, prevention and control of flea, tick and biting lice infestations and flea allergy dermatitis on cats & dogs.

When you use FRONTLINE the active ingredient fipronil is distributed in the natural oils of your cat's coat, fleas die on contact, before they can lay eggs. Therefore FRONTLINE breaks the flea life cycle and removes the threat of constant re-infestation by continuously killing newly emerged adult fleas which infest the treated pet (refer to treatment recommendations).


  • Kills all fleas within 24 hours of application and 95% within 2 hours
  • Provides 6 weeks protection against fleas
  • Provides 4 weeks protection against ticks
  • Remains effective if the cat gets wet or is shampooed
  • Can be used on kittens from 3 days of age
  • Waterproof

APPLICATION METHOD Ensure complete coverage to skin level. Massage the coat all over to make sure the spray gets right down to the skin.


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