Cystaid Plus for Cats

Cystaid Plus helps in the management of Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC).

Cystaid Plus for cats contains molecules that supplement the bladder’s muco-polysaccharid GAG chains. These chains form a protective mucin layer for the umbrella mucosal cells, preventing epithelial contact with the irritant urinary toxins and pathogens.

Cystaid Plus for Cats helps:

  • Replace and maintain a healthy GAG bladder mucosal mucin layer
  • Stimulates increased GAG production by mucosal cells
  • Decreases bladder wall permeability thus reducing bladder wall inflammation.

In addition to using Cystaid, we also suggest you increase your cat’s water consumption by changing to moist diet, improving the number and site of litter trays and reducing the stress levels.

Each capsule contains 125 mg N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine (99% purity) and can be given whole or sprinkled and mixed with the food.
2 capsules a day during the first two weeks 1 capsule a day for maintenance

Please use strictly as directed by your veterinarian and if symptoms persist or your pet suffers any adverse effects, contact your vet immediately.


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