Vegetable-based chews that freshen breath, reduce plaque, and decrease tartar formation.

Low calorie meat-free chews for dogs.

VEGGIEDENT FR3SH has all the same great features as the original Veggiedent chews with the addition of FR3SH technology to target bad breath in 3 ways:

  1. Cleanse - addressing oral causes of bad breath (bacteria in the mouth) 
  2. Cool - freshens breath with cooling action 
  3. Digestive - the addition of a prebiotic to promote a balanced and healthy gut flora.  

VeggieDent chews’ unique vegetable matrix helps to ‘brush’ teeth while chewing. The shape makes them easier for mouths to pick up, improves contact with teeth and provides enhanced chewing action.

VeggieDent chews are flexible to chew making them tough on plaque & calculus, but gentle on teeth and gums. They are great tasting and made from natural ingredients. Dogs really want to get their teeth into them.

Regular VeggieDent use reduced plaque in dogs by 37% and reduced calculus accumulation by 70% in clinical trials.

  • Large pack includes 15 large chews suitable for large or giant dogs.
  • Medium pack includes 15 medium chews suitable for medium dogs.
  • Small pack includes 15 small chews suitable for small dogs.
  • Very small pack includes 15 very small chews suitable for very small dogs.


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