About Us

After years of forgetting to pick up the dog food and making special trips back to the clinic to get it, Vet, and Rangiora Vet Centre Director, Ben Davidson decided it was time to do something about it. So he and the team have created a customer focused Online Vet Store that is easy to use, and provides only the best, vet recommended products for pets, delivered to your door.

In developing Online Vet Store for busy people who adore their pets, it was decided to only provide pet food with evidence based science behind it, and products the vets would recommend face to face in the clinic environment. This being the case, all our vets can put hand on heart, knowing what is being recommended to the online customer is the best.

For more than 50 years, the North Canterbury community have been putting the wellbeing of their pets in the care of the trusted Rangiora Vet Centre team. Now with 3 clinics and a team including 22 vets & more than 40 support staff, which includes small and large animal, as well as after hours emergency vets, they are excited to be sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with a nationwide, online audience.