Adaptil Collar

Helps alleviate fear and stress related signs in puppies and adult dogs

Adaptil is an easy-to-use and convenient product line for reassuring dogs during new experiences and stressful situations, both indoors and outdoors, as well as for the short- and long-term.


Pheremones are natural chemical ‘signals’, which are secreted by animals to communicate different types of messages to themselves or others. One pheromone dogs use is called the ‘dog appeasing pheromone’ that a mother produces to reassure her puppies. This pheromone has been proven to not only reassure puppies, but also adult dogs in challenging or stressful situations.

Adaptil is a synthetic copy of this pheromone, it is odourless to people and other animals.

The Adaptil Collar is easy to use and convenient as it releases the dog appeasing pheromone constantly. When the collar is in close contact with the dog’s skin, the warmth from the body temperature encourages the diffusion of pheromones.  Check the collar regularly to ensure it remains snug and close to the dog’s neck. Each collar lasts up to 4 weeks and can be replaced as required.

The Adaptil Diffuser plugs into an electric socket. It should be switched on continuously, in a room where the dog spends most of its time. The diffuser covers an area of 50-70m2 it keeps dogs comforted and relaxed for up to 30 days. At which time you simply purchase an Adaptil refill.

The diffuser works best when in an open environment, ie not under shelves, behind doors, curtains or furniture.

The Adaptil Spray is used for helping to calm dogs down in mobile and unpredictable situations. It is ideal for travelling, and during environment changes, ie; exposure to strangers, vet visits and changes in routine associated with travel and relocation.

70cm designed to fit necks up to 62.5 cm (medium/large dog collar)
45cm  designed to fit necks up to 37.5 cm (puppy/small dog) 


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