Yours Droolly Mix Ups Treats 500g

A mixed bag of Duck Sticks, Chicken and Sweet Potato treats and Chicken Tenders

Dogs don't need much; food, shelter and of course, but most importantly your love and friendship.

Sharing a healthy treat is a great way of reinforcing that bond.

 These real chicken and duck treats will make any dog's tail wag. Sized perfectly for all dogs, as a training aid or as a reward your dog will love the natural healthy taste.

Chicken Tenders: Chicken, vegetable glycerine, salt, sugar, sorbitol, citric acid, Monascus. Duck Sticks: Duck, potato starch, wheat flour, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol. Chicken & Sweet Potato: Chicken, sweet potato, soy protein, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol, salt


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