Trouble & Trix Cat Litter Natural 10L

10L / 4.8 kg - Safe for kittens. Lasts 4 weeks (1 cat)

Trouble and Trix Natural Cat Litter is made from plant-extracts soya bean and guar gum (tofu, bean plant extract). This makes the litter 100% natural, biodegradable, digestible and non-toxic. 

  • Natural, safe and sustainable
  • Dissolves in water so the scoopable litter clumps can be flushed down the toiled in small volumes, reducing waste
  • Baking soda has been added to neutralise the urine smell
  • Lighter in weight than typical clumping litters, making it easier to carry
  • Soft on paws and low tracking

Bag size 10L / 4.8kg

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