Redirects cat scratching onto your desired location.

FELISCRATCH by Feliway redirects cat scratching onto your desired location.

The new liquid formulation combines three complementary attracting effects:
  1. Blue stained lines that mimic the visual message (lacerations) of the scratches
  2. Catnip contributes to attract the cat to the scratching post
  3. The pheromone message directs cat scratching on the surface where the product has been applied.

IT IS SIMPLE: Just apply FELISCRATCH by Feliway slowly onto your cat's scratching post by drawing 2 to 3 lines every time as follows:

  • One dose (pipette) daily during the first week
  • One dose (pipette) at the beginning of week 3 and week 4

Works for cats already scratching or newly adopted cats/kittens.

PACK INCLUDES: 9 x 5ml pipettes. A complete program for one scratching post.

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