Auto Re-Order

What is Auto Re-Order?

Auto Re-Order gives you the ability to set and forget and tick "Buy Pet Food" off the shopping list forever.

Choose the interval you want it delivered and we will automatically process your order and dispatch it to you.


Why Auto Re-Order?

Online Vet Store was originally created because Veterinarian Ben frequently forgot to pick up the dog food, and made several trips, over many years, back to the clinic to get it. He wanted to set something up so that he, and customers, could order their food once, and have it delivered, at regular intervals, so dindins is always on hand for loved family pets. No more special trips required to the Vet Clinic to pick up your food.


How do I pay for it?

Payment for this type of order can only be made via credit card. When each new order is processed it recharges this same card. You will have the ability to see how your payments are processed and can change your card details at any time if things change by logging into your account.


Will you remind me about my dispatches?

3 days prior to your auto re-order being dispatched we will send you a message reminding you about it. You will have the ability to change the time frame of the dispatch if it does not suit.


When will my order arrive?

Delivery of your order can be from 2 to 5 business days after dispatch. Rural deliveries may take up to 5 business days.

If your order does not arrive within this timeframe, please contact us via email: stating your order number, which is generated at time of purchase.

If your order contains multiple items, you may receive multiple deliveries to complete your order.


Can I change/cancel my auto re-order?

You can log into your account and manage you auto re-orders at any time.
Change dispatch dates, alter addresses, add or change products.



What if the cost of my order changes?

If the price changes on your product in between your orders, you will be notified of this. You can log in to your account and manage your order at any time if the updated price does not suit you.